Oils, oils, oils!

You all might think I’m crazy and that I am performing some type of “voodoo” or “witchcraft” (you’d be surprised how many times I’ve heard that!), but these little pretty bottles have saved mine and my family’s butts many, many times over the last 9 months! We use them for LITERALLY everything! From supporting our digestive systems, to immune systems, to muscles, and beyond!

Just today, I’ve used 8 out of 11 of the oils that come in the Premium Starter Kit + 14 other Young Living products. Don’t believe me? Just watch –

Lavender (1) – in my “Calm Mom” roller along with Patchouli (2), Valor (3), Vetiver (4), and Stress Away (5)

Copaiba (6) – My mom got a small cut this afternoon, and since Copaiba is known to support the body’s natural response to injury, we dripped one drop of it directly onto the cut and slapped a band aid on it so it could get good and soaked in!

DiGize (7) & Peppermint (8) – We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and I had chicken tacos with some extra spiciness and let’s just say, my belly wasn’t too happy with that decision! I have a “Tummy Time” roller on that I carry it with me everywhere (along with about 10 other oils/rollers) so I took it out of my bag and rolled it right on my belly!

Lavender Shampoo (9)Lavender Conditioner (10), Lavender Body Wash (11) (I love Lavender, can ya tell!?) and Orange Blossom Facial Wash (12) in the shower

Kidscents Shampoo (13) & Kidscents Body Wash (14) on the babies during bath time

RC (15) along with Lemon (16) Thieves (17) in Joey’s “Respiratory” support roller and in his diffuser at nap & bed times

Clove (18)Nutmeg (19)Ginger (20), & Cinnamon Bark (21) in the diffuser to keep the house smelling like fall on this BEAUTIFUL, 52 degree day

Thieves Spray (22) on the table at the restaurant. Joey loves to dump plates and napkins if there is even a crumb on it so he usually eats like a caveman, off the table or floor. At home, it’s not a big deal.. though it’s probably just as dirty if not worse than out in public! When we are at a restaurant, I try to wipe the entire table down with my travel sized bottle of Thieves Spray before letting either of my kids touch it, especially during sick season #germsongermsongerms

Convinced yet that I’m pretty serious about this company? Just wait until I tell you all about how good they are to us!

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