Fresh Friday

Fresh Friday


If you know me, you know I’m not big on change. I want to be, but I tend to lean toward the safe side when it comes to trying new things. So, starting TODAY, I will be trying something new, whether it be oils, a recipe, a brand, a place, etc. every Friday and reporting back here with the good, the bad, and the ugly! I’m super excited to venture out of my comfort zone a little bit, one thing at a time!

For my first new “experience,” I decided to stay semi-safe and try out an oil that I’ve had on my shelf for a few weeks (okay, maybe longer than “a few”) and haven’t opened. Not for any reason, other than I just haven’t known what to do with it! I got AromaEase as a promotion gift back in June (I know, too long!) and haven’t really gotten around to figuring out how to use it. So, to kick off Fresh Friday, I decided what better time to get my butt in gear! AromaEase is used to promote healthy nerves, especially when it comes to the digestive system. Who here has nervousness that directly effects their digestive system? ME! It is very common for stress and anxiety to take it’s anger out on our bellies. That’s where AromaEase comes in! This oil is for Aromatic / Topical use meaning it can be diffused / inhaled, or applied directly to your body, with a carrier oil, for the first time or two!15c628fc2ab26d8ebd5b2034897360c9

I’m diffusing AromaEase today in the car, in my Orb Diffuser, while I run some errands to keep me happy and relaxed as I complete my list. I also may or may not be huffing the bottle in between 😉 and so far, so good! Anyone else have AromaEase in their arsenal and have any tips or tricks on uses? I’d love to hear them in the comments! Hope everyone has a Fresh Friday and a great weekend!



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