Premium Starter Kit

View More: http://everlastinglovephotography.pass.us/oilsDon’t know where to start? I’ll tell you! The Premium Starter Kit is not only filled with all the best oils to make you fall in love, it’s the best bang for your buck!42714782-f14a-4532-a8a1-624f4f2f0e08

To order your kit, head here! http://tinyurl.com/gsdm6vj then follow these simple steps! (I know it seems like a lot, but it’s really not once you get moving!)

  1. Make sure the box “Member” is checked to get your 24% off forever discount.
  2. You’ll be prompted to select “Continue” with me as your enroller / sponsor.. do it 😉
  3. The fun part! Choose your diffuser!! The Dewdrop & Home designs are included, the Rainstone and the Aria are both a little more but totally worth it! Your choice 🙂
  4. Essential Rewards. Unless you already know you’re going to be placing at least 50PV orders each month, go ahead and skip that part and we can revisit it after.. it’s not going anywhere!
  5. If there are any extra product you want to add, now is your chance! Click on the “Add More Products” button at the very bottom and add whatever your heart desires. I recommend Cedarwood (healthy sleep support) and Progessence Plus for hormonal support but go ahead and go crazy! When you’re finished, click “Checkout” at the bottom.
  6. If you just want to stick with the PSK for now, that’s fine too! Just click on “Next” and hit continue when it asks if you’re sure you want to skip the auto ship option.
  7. Fill in allll your info! When selecting a username and password, pick something you’ll remember as that’ll be your golden ticket to all the oily heaven!
  8. “Commission Processing” is the next section on the info page. If you’re not a business, check the little circle next to “Individual” and type in your social security or tax ID number. I know, I know, “why do they need my SS#? I’m not going to sell this stuff!!” is your next question. I promise, you’re going to fall in love with these oils and this company and you’re GOING to want everyone you know to join you and when you do, Young Living needs to have your tax information. They need it to continue, so just do it 😉 (you can always ask me if you still have doubts, but I promise it’s safe!).
  9. Click “Agree and Continue” and move on to the Shipping & Payment page! This one is pretty self-explanatory!
  10. You’re done! Just make sure you confirm & check out at the end! Once you do that, you’ll be taken to your new Virtual Office. This is where you’ll be taken every time you sign in. I really suggest exploring around in there to get a feel for it. I spent hours just figuring it all out. There’s so much to learn!

As soon as I get confirmation that you completed the process, I’ll add you to all the FaceBook groups. They are filled with information and recipes to get you started! I am SO excited you took the plunge! I swear you won’t regret it! This is going to change your life!

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