Fresh Friday


Happy Friday, Friends!

I haven’t really been doing anything too exciting but I did try something yesterday that I love! Joe got me a Cricut Explore for Christmas two years ago and I love it but I don’t really know how to do much with it, so it kind of sits in my closet and I take it out and dust it off every couple months for a little project.

I’ve just been using washi tape to label all my roller bottles of oil blends, but it’s starting to look sloppy to me and I keep seeing everyone’s cute vinyl labels all over and am a little jealous! So instead of buying them on Etsy (yes, I have some in my cart), I decided I’m going to start making my own! I have the (very expensive) machine and the pretty colored vinyl so I am going to take the time and teach myself how to do it!

With the purchase, I have all access to the Cricut Design Studio which is AWESOME! Unfortunately, all of the cute fonts are $4.99 – $6.99 and that can get a little outrageous. BUT FEAR NOT! I googled “fonts” and the third one down was dafont.com and oh my word it is one of the most amazing sites I’ve ever seen! Within ten minutes, I downloaded 20 fonts and disabled all the stock ones I disliked and now I’m ready to go! I spent like 3 hours yesterday designing a bunch of labels and cute shirt sayings for me and the kids so now all I have to do is cut them and stick them on!

If you love crafting and making things pretty like I do and you can swing the cost, I definitely recommend snagging yourself a Cricut! If it’s just not in the budget right now, start saving! There are endless opportunities with that little magic machine! My sister-in-law labeled her birth announcement envelopes with it, you can cut fabric, make wall art, iron-ons, cards, etc!

I found all these pictures on Google since I haven’t done much of my own yet!





I can’t wait to try everything! I promise I’ll report back, with my own pictures 😉


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